Spinal Cord Tumor

Spinal Cord TumorSpinal cord tumor is similar to brain tumors, although the symptoms are different. One of the possible symptoms is persistent back pain. However, a feeling of numbness or cold is more common, as well as muscle weakness in one or more limbs. A person with spinal cord tumor may have difficulties with urination and/or passing tools. The symptoms depend on which nerves the tumor has damaged.

What to do?

Spinal cord tumors are even rarer than brain tumors. If you notice symptoms indicating the possibility of growth in your spinal cord, your doctor will probably refer you to a neurologist for physical examination, myelography (X-ray of a spine), and perhaps other diagnostic tests. In some cases, if a tumor is found a surgical procedure of “chipping” is used on adjacent vertebrae. Since they reduce the pressure on the spinal nerves, such operations generally reduce the pain immediately and may also re-establish the function of affected muscles and limbs. As in brain tumors, further treatment and prospects depend on a variety of factors, such as type, size, and position of the growth.