AcrocyanosisAcrocyanosis is a disease that occurs when your limbs – fingers and legs, wrists and ankles – turn blue. This color occurs because of the sudden tightness of small arteries that supply the hands and feet with blood.

Because of cramping these parts of the body get less blood than they need, waste materials accumulate in the affected area in the veins, from which the skin takes abnormal color.

The cause of acrocyanosis is unknown. It is enhanced by the cold, it is present equally in both hands and feet, and is not painful. Affected parts are almost always cold and may be moist. Acrocyanosis does not produce wounds or other skin problems.

What to do?

Do not be worried about acrocyanosis. It is very common, especially among women. It is not a sign of some serious illness and does not respond to treatment. Just try to protect your hands and feet from cold.