Vulvovaginitis Symptoms and Treatment

VulvovaginitisVulvovaginitis is redness, itching and inflammation of the vulva, an entrance to the vagina. The disorder only affects a small percentage of girls who have a particularly sensitive vulva (see also pruritus vulvae). In many cases the cause is unknown, while in some it is caused by infection with fecal microbes, skin allergies to wool or synthetics, night urinating, pinworms or, very rarely, foreign bod that a child put in the vagina.


Inflammation may cause frequent urination, and this urination is sometimes painful. Some parents mistakenly think that the child has some kind of urinary bladder disorder. If a foreign body is in the vagina, a discharge with unpleasant odour may occur.

What to do?

Regardless of the type of discomfort, you must take your daughter to the doctor. If a doctor suspects that a foreign body in vagina, a girl will get a local anesthetic, the doctor will examine the vagina and remove the foreign body. After that, the discomfort should disappear.


In most cases the problem is solved by careful hygiene. After the defecation, the girl just needs to wipe in the direction of back and forth. It is necessary to bathe every day, and wash her vagina after every defecation. After each bath, she should wipe her vagina thoroughly but carefully with antiseptic talc and then apply silicone fat. Silicone grease, which can be purchased in the pharmacy, provides protection against fecal viruses. It is necessary to change the underwear on a daily basis. They must be cotton and they must not be tight. If you follow these measures and doctors’ advice, the disease will eventually go away and will not leave any consequences.