Undescended Testicles

Undescended TesticlesIn boys, testicles (male gonads) develop in the abdominal cavity of the same tissue from which the ovaries are formed in the girls. Testicles usually descend one month before birth through the abdominal wall into a sachet called scrotum.

At a very small percentage of boys, one or both of the testicles did not descend for unknown reasons until birth. This will not cause pain or difficulties while urinating in infants.

Usually, such testicles eventually descend in the first years of life; until they do, the baby needs to go to regular medical examinations.

What to do?

If the disorder is not corrected, undescended testicles may eventually cause infertility. If one or both testicles are undescended when the child reach age five, a surgical procedure called orchidopexy is performed by which one or both testicles are descended into the scrotum.

The child stays in the hospital for two or three days. As soon as the testicles descended, the disorder disappears.