Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death SyndromeSudden infant death syndrome is an inexplicable secret. The mother puts in the crib her seemingly healthy baby, and after a while the baby dies. This way, approximately one in every 5,000 babies dies, most often between the 3rd and 18th week of life. It is well known that infants suddenly and quietly exhalate, usually in sleep, but in almost all cases of death there is no explanation.

Suffocation, which may be the obvious cause of death, is actually very rare.

Studies have shown that the risk of sudden death is higher in winter and in infants who are feeded eith bottle, and may be associated with overheating due to too many blankets.

What to do?

Losing a child is an emotional shock for the parents, and they generally need consolation and support from relatives and friends and encouragement from the doctor, because nothing could have be done to prevent the tragedy. In some couples new pregnancy can relieve sorrow. In the event of such a sudden death it is, unfortunately, essential to make an autopsy because it may reveal the cause of death and which enables new researches to prevent sudden death.