Intussusception Symptoms

IntussusceptionIntussusception is a rare disorder in which a part of the intestine, usually small, folds into the section next to it. The cause of this is not known. It can occur at any age, but it is most common in infants around six months of age, and more often in boys than in girls.


A healthy baby can suddenly begin to scream wildly when the wave of muscular contraction passes through the folded intestine. Screaming may take a few minutes. After that, the infants turns pale and can vomit. In the stool there can be thick, bloody mucus. In some cases, the child can scream uncontrollably every few minutes.

What to do?

If the mentioned symptoms appear, contact your doctor immediately. By touching the child’s stomach, a physician may occasionally set up a diagnosis of intussusception. Otherwise, the child will be referred to the hospital for an X-ray examination using irrigoscopy. The examination will confirm the diagnosis of intussusception, and the barium can unfold the intestien and put it back into place (which will be seen on the X-ray screen). If this does not solve the problem, the child will need an operation. With the surgical procedure, the belly opens and intestine is returned to its normal position. The results of surgery are usually excellent, and the child no longer has any problems.