Intestinal Atresia and Stenosis

Intestinal Atresia and StenosisIf a newborn is missiing one or more parts of the small intestine, we are talking about intestinal atresia. A few hours after birth, a child born with intestinal atresia or stenosis begins to vomit. This vomit is green because it contains a bile, a fluid that is produced in the liver and goes into the intestine. Newborns vomited at intervals, and if the condition is not treated, the vomit may eventually contain blood and bile. The newborn’s belly swells because the gases accumulate in the intestines.

Approximately one in 2000 babies have one of these two disorders. Diagnosis is confirmed by an X-ray.


In order to prevent the death of a newborn (if it is a serious case), it is essential to immediately perform the operation. In atresia, the intestine is opened and the separated parts of the intestine are joined together. In stenosis, the narrowed part of the intestine is expanded. The results of the early surgery are excellent, and the child usually has no long-term problems.