EncopresisEncopresis is an unusual condition in which the child regularly releases stool in the pants, even after it learned how to use the toilet.

In most cases, a large amount of hard feces accumulates in the large intestine (and you can feel it because it looks like a swelling on a stomach), and a watery stool, that can contain mucus, comes out. Because of this, parents often think that a child has diarrhea, not knowing that a child actually has constipation.

Likewise, they do not know that a child can often control the release of a watery stool. Regardless of the reason of incontinence, you have to show the child that you understand the problem and not punish him or her for ”pooping the pants” because the punishment will not solve the problem.

Constipation may be a result of some difficulties with the child’s learning to use a toilet. You may have been too harsh or you did not supervise your child enough, so he or she does not know how to clean properly. In some cases the child may soil pants with a hard stool. This is almost always due to emotional disturbances, and the cause is usually to be looked for in the family, but sometimes at school.


Take your child to a doctor. It will get a few clisters or suppositories for colon discharge. Physician can do this also outpatient, although the procedure is usually performed at the hospital. At home, you will have to send your child to a toilet twice a day at regular intervals. In some cases the doctor may prescribe a laxative (cleansing agent) that the child must take daily, sometimes for a longer period of time. If a child releases a hard stool, it may be due to some emotional disturbance – as we already stated – so try to work on that. But if the problem is still present, you should contact a doctor who will advise you to go with your child’s psychiatrist and he will probably invite the whole family.