DiphtheriaDiphtheria is a dangerous disease that is still occurring in less developed parts of the world. However, due to vaccination, the disease is now completely eradicated in more developed countries. Of course, it is important that the children are vaccinated and therefore protected for life against this disease.

Symptoms of diphtheria are elevated temperature, rapid pulse, swelling of the glands in the neck and, sometimes, thick and yellow nasal discharge. However, the characteristic symptom is a grey patch that develops on the tonsils. The throat can swell to such an extent as to prevent breathing.

If any of these symptoms occur on a member of your family, contact your doctor immediately. If the doctor finds that this person has diphtheria, you must determine with who this person came into contact with and check the immunity of those people. Diphtheria is treated in the hospital by injection of antibiotics and antitoxins, and, if the throat is blocked, by tracheostomy.