Constipation in Children

Constipation in ChildrenAs with adults, defecation varies in children. A constipation is a condition in which a child has had his/hers last defecation four or five days ago.

The low amount of fiber food is the cause of many cases of constipation. The child must have enough fiber-rich food, including fruit, vegetable, and bran. Infants who are at least 6 months old may take bran in the form mash, but nevertheless, consult a doctor beforehand.

A child may be also be constipated during some acute infection if he or she drinks less fluids or sweats stronger than usual. It is better to give your child more fluid than laxative.

Another cause of constipation is an anal fissure, which causes painful defecation. Strong constipation, which lasts for two weeks and longer, may be a symptom of Hirschsprung’s disease or hypothyroidism.

If your child is constipated, take him/her to the doctor. Do not try to solve the problem by giving your child a laxative.